Kris Longknife
You just knew when Kris asked for a desk job that she’d have days like you have at the office. Well, here’s one that will bring you up to date on the technical developments in the Royal US Navy, as well as silly bureaucratic goings on.
Kris Longknife Among the Kicking Birds, a short story by Mike Shepherd
Princess Kris Longknife is Viceroy for the Royal US government to the aliens of Alwa. She commands a fleet and an industrial base, and the humans manning the ships and working the factories would like some vacation time. They'd also like a stake in the Alwa they are defending. So Kris finds herself approaching natives for land. Her Native American heritage balks at the thought of her trading a few beads for land. She will handle these negotiations herself. Of course, nothing ever goes down easy for a Longknife.
Ruth Longknife
Ruth Longknife is seven month's old and enjoying her very first Christmas in the arms of her mom, Kris Longknife. She has a Christmas tree to taste, lots of presents and a whole lot of uninvited guests and Grampa Al's Christmas dinner goose. Oh my. But she's a Longknife and Ruthie is hard to kill.